Products and Services

Products and Services

FC Asset Management is an SFC-licensed financial institution permitted to engage in Type 1, 4 and 9 regulated activities (dealing in securities, advising on securities and management of assets respectively) under the Securities and Futures Ordinance. It is also a Member of the Chinese Securities Association of Hong Kong.

Confronted with a complex and ever-changing market environment, the experienced operations team of First Capital Asset Management provides a comprehensive product offering and excellent services to Hong Kong, Mainland China and international customers, customisIng investment plans, managing risks and balancing returns for these customers by adopting a flexible investment platform. FC Asset Management's comprehensive wealth management and investment services include discretionary investment management services, third party funds, co-branded funds and M&A funding in the global education industry, with a scope of investment covering the Greater China region including China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. First Capital Asset Management is committed to becoming the best Chinese partner in cooperating with global education enterprises as well as domestic and overseas private equity funds.

Discretionary Account Management ServiceThird Party FundsCo-branded FundsM&A Fund in the Global Education Industry

Discretionary Account Management Service

The investor entrusts his or her assets in the form of cash, stocks or bonds which have already been transferred to Hong Kong or overseas to FC Asset Management, which will subsequently make investment according to the terms agreed upon by both parties. FC Asset Management strictly manages the investment procedures with careful evaluations based on factors such as the situation of specific companies and the market conditions before creating investment portfolio in which the rate of return is consistent with the investment objectives.

Discretionary Procedures:

  1. FC Asset Management will analyze the investor’s asset position and the degree of risk tolerance, and then prepare an investment instruction for the investor’s approval;

  2. FC Asset Management will sign the "Discretionary Investment Agreement" together with the investor;

  3. a. The investor can choose to entrust his or her assets to First Capital Asset Management (at a lower charge); or

    b. The investor can choose to entrust his or her assets to the custodians. Assets entrusted for investment will be passed to the custodians for management after the signing of the “Three-Party Interests Agreement” by First Capital Asset Management, the investor and the custodians.

  4. Completion of the discretionary procedures

Third Party Funds

FC Asset Management provides a variety of authorised funds and alternative investment choices to customers. The Company handles the subscription, purchase and redemption procedures on behalf of its customers after they open an account.

Authorised funds:

  • Bond funds

  • Stock funds

  • Money market funds

  • Exchange traded funds (ETFs)

Alternative investment:

  • Private investment funds

  • Mutual funds

  • Futures funds

  • Hedge funds

  • Money market funds

Co-branded Funds

FC Asset Management can arrange for the Issue of new funds including stock funds, bond funds, capital guaranteed funds and money market funds for customers and customers can make their investment decisions or they can entrust FC Asset Management to make decisions and share the management fees, performance fees and selling commissions.

Conditions of the issue:

  • FC Asset Management Is in charge of all issuance arrangements

  • Minimum amount: US$20 million

  • Require deposit in advance for setting up a fund

M&A Fund in the Global Education Industry

FC Asset Management is dedicated to investing in various aspects of the education sector and looking for quality target projects including Higher education brands, basic education institutions, early childhood education, vocational education, Internet education and International schools. It also provides a flexible financing structure which satisfies the financing needs of education enterprises in domestic and overseas markets.

  • Private investment in public equity (PIPE)?

  • Structured financing for mature or growing education enterprises or Pre-IPO (debenture + warrant / convertible)(Pre-IPO)? and

  • Private equity investment or mezzanine financing for a listed education group.

Utilising our rich resources in the China market and the international experience of some of our executives, FC Asset Management can also help formulate and effectively execute development strategies and plans for the management teams of education enterprises. We integrate quality international and domestic educational resources through combining and promoting education and finance.